2013 CyberOptics QX-600L

Manufacturer: CyberOptics
Model: QX-600L (L = Large Board Handling)
Year:   2013
Reference No.:   268LC
Description:  2013 CyberOptics QX-600L in pristine condition.
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Inspection Speed


Board Length (without re-inspection)

QX600-L: Min. 50 mm (2 in.)/ Max. 470 mm†† (18.5 in.)

Board Width

QX600-L: Min. 50 mm (2 in.)/ Max. 510 mm (20.0 in.)

Component Height Clearance (max)
(QX600 and QX600-L)

Top: 35mm (1.378 in.)
Bottom: 25mm (0.984 in.)


12 μm pixel size


With re-inspection support, the board length can be extended to 550 mm (21.6 in.) using a conveyor extension kit

Board length can be increased to 770 mm (30.3 in.) with integrated conveyor extension. With this setup, the line length will be 1700 mm (66.9 in.)


Condition:  Complete & Operational
Availability:  Immediate for purchase / 2-4 weeks for shipping
Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin
Actual Machine Photos:

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