2018 Yxlon Cheetah Evo Plus X-Ray System

Manufacturer: Yxlon Cheetah
Model: Evo Plus
DOM: 2018
Reference No.:  329L

2018 Yxlon Cheetah Evo Plus X-ray Inspection System


  • 100% 16 bit digital systems with real time image processing.
  • Graphic user interface featuring EZ-Screen.
  • OEM micro-focus and multi-focus tubes with closed loop control feedback at the source.
  • High wattage targets for reduced noise and increased penetration at the source.
  • OEM generators featuring +/- 1% power fluctuation, tightest specification on the market.
  • CT leadership position capable of 3D data sets inside 3 minutes.
  • Equipped to upgrade to Quick Scan μCT

factory direct support team in North America.


  • Complete X-ray protection cabinet with large automated door
  • Open and demountable microfocus X-ray tube with transmission target (Y.FXE.160.50)
  • Detail detectability <1 μm (<0.4μm with option Multifocus X-ray tube)
  • 25 – 160kV, 0,01 – 1mA, 10W Target power (15W by option High Power Target)
  • True-X-ray Intensity Control (TXI) for steady long-term X-ray intensity
  • High resolution digital flat-panel detectorY.Panel 1308 High Speed with 1004 x 615 pixels at 127μm pixel size, frame rate max. 30 frames/second, field of view 127 x 78mm
  • 5-axis (X, Y, Ztube (motorized), ZDetector (motorized), TiltDetector (motorized)) manipulation system
  • +/- 70° oblique viewing by tilting the detector
  • Min. focus-object-distance (FOD): 0.25mm
  • Min. focus-detector-distance (FDD): 50mm
  • Max. geometric / total. magnification approx. 2.000x / 17.000x ( 3000x/25.500x by option Y.μDR High Resolution Module)
  • Max. sample size: 800mm x 500mm (31” x 19”)
  • Max. inspection area: 460mm x 410mm (18” x 16”)
  • Max. sample weight: 5kg (2kg in optional rotational axis)
  • 16-Bit real time image processing software Y.FGUI Basic offering functions like contrast enhancement, image sharpening, edge extraction, measurement, report functions, measurement of THT joins and many more …
  • Integrated X-ray controller PC with operating system Windows 7 and Ethernet:§ RAM: 4 GB (Kit of 2 x GB)
  • Hard drive: 1 TB
  • USB: 14 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0
  • Monitor: 24 in.
  • Ergonomic and adjustable operator console
  • Advanced Safety Concept (ASC) for more safety at the work place
  • Maintenance and spare part kit, detailed operating and service documentation
  • Size: L 1650 mm x W 1400mm x H 1850mm / Weight: approx. 2200 kg

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