BTU Pyramax 98A Reflow Oven

Convection Solder Reflow Oven Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   BTU
Model:   Pyramax 98A
D.O.M.:   06/05
Reference No.:   380


  • Top and Bottom Convection Heating and Cooling
  • Air Reflow with Enhanced Cool
  • 7 Zones of Heated Tunnel Length
  • 2 Zones of CoolingTunnel Length
  • 350°C maximum operating temperature for Lead-Free processing
  • Programmable Width Adjust
  • Center Board Support with Hide Away Option
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Flux Management Option
  • Recirculating Water Chiller for Enhanced Cool Option
  • Closed Loop Convection Control
  • Individual Cell Inlet and Exhaust™
  • Light Tower (ready/not ready light indicators)
  • 3 inch Tunnel Clearance
  • Windows™ Operating System
  • DELL PC, Flat Panel Display and Keyboard
  • Powered Hood Lifts
  • Over-Temperature Safety System

Click images below for enlarged view of the BTU Pyramax Reflow Furnace