ASYS LSB03 PCB Destacker

Make: ASYS
Model: LSB03 PCB Destacker
Reference No.:126CC
The PCB’s are placed into the unit in stacks where
theyare clamped and then transported to the following
_ Isolation using clamp or vacuum mechanism
_ PCB stack is processed from the top
_ PCB is aligned before clamping
_ Bearing rail to support the PCB stack
_ No parameters for PCB length or thickness necessary
_ Combination mode (automatic switching of pass-through/
stack mode)
_ Minimal floor space required
_ Transport height 950 mm ± 50 mm
_ Pass- through/sort function
_ Loading head for stack
_ Loading lift for magazines
_ Automatic width adjustment
_ Vacuum head
_ Duallane version
Condition:  Complete and  Operational
Equipment Brochure: DOWNLOAD
Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin

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