Keysight Agilent 8561EC Portable Spectrum Analyzer (Quantity 2)

Manufacturer:    Keysight / Agilent
Model: 8561EC
Quantity: 2
S/N: 3946A00144
S/N: 3946A00124
Reference No.: 298L

Keysight Agilent 8561EC Portable Spectrum Analyzer Description:

The Keysight 8561EC portable, color display RF spectrum analyzer offers the measurement capability and performance previously found in larger, more expensive benchtop analyzers. This analyzer combines outstanding phase noise, sensitivity, 1 Hz resolution bandwidths, synthesized tuning and wide dynamic range in a package built to withstand environmental conditions. It offers a complete solution for adjacent-channel power (ACP) testing of burst carrier signals using digital modulation, and the ability to measure occupied bandwidth percentage.

Time-gated signal analysis allows you to easily measure time-varying signals such as pulsed RF, time-division multiple access, interleaved, and burst-modulated. For millimeter applications that don’t require full microwave coverage, the 8561EC with the Keysight 11970 series harmonic mixers or Keysight 11974 series preselected mixers is a lower-cost solution.

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S/N: 3946A00144


S/N: 3946A00124

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