Used Screen Printers for Sale

Buy Refurbished Automatic & Semi-Automatic / Manual MPM Screen Printers from Speedline and Today’s Most Reliable Manufacturers

At SMT Sales Group, we buy, refurbish, and sell quality Speedline, Ekra, DEK and other MPM screen printers. Ensure your operations run smoothly with our semi-automatic and automatic screen printers that have been brought to like new condition by our skilled engineers.

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DEK, SMT and MPM Screen Printers for Sale

Here you can find some of the various models of screen printers we have received and continue to purchase, refurbish and sell in excellent condition. Contact SMT Sales Group today to inquire about our current inventory (seen below), or to sell screen printers direct to us.

Speedline MPM Screen Printers | DEK Screen Printers
Surface Mount Techniques Screen Printers | Manual / Tabletop Printers


Want to know more about the various types of MPM Screen Printers that are available from Speedline and SMT Sales Group? Click this link to see why Speedline’s MPM Screen Printers continue to lead the way in both innovation and function.