What is Asset Redeployment?

Asset redeployment is the strategic liquidation and/or relocation of your SMT equipment. This can be a function of the closing of a specific facility, or the need for more equipment in a different facility. Underutilized equipment can become more productive, and outdated or idle equipment can be sold at market value, putting cash back into the operation or used for upgrades or newer equipment purchases as needed.

At SMT Sales Group, we are your experienced partner to assist you with all of SMT equipment needs, especially in the area of redeployment of your equipment assets. There are a number of options to consider:

You may be looking to liquidate certain equipment in order to make room for, or purchase, newer or additional equipment. At SMT Sales Group we can certainly assist you in a variety of ways.

  1. We can purchase your excess equipment for cash, and arrange for immediate shipping to our full-service warehouse location. Or direct shipment to one of our customers who needs the equipment that you are selling. We will take care of everything, including wire transfer of the purchase dollars, rigging, palletizing and shipping.
  1. You may wish to try for more money for a particular piece of equipment (or an entire line) by consigning the equipment to SMT Sales Group. In this case, you would execute a simple consignment agreement which will allow us time to market your equipment to the right customer and achieve the highest reasonable price. We do charge a percentage of the sale as a CONSIGNMENT FEE. Please discuss equipment consignment with your SMT Sales Group representative.
  1. A third option is to take advantage of SMT Sales Group Auctions. We have been the leader in SMT equipment auctions for nearly 20 years. There are always unknowns with auction selling as you are probably aware. But with the proper reserve (the minimum that you will accept for your equipment) it can be a safe channel to bring your equipment to market and can have an excellent upside in terms of achieving the highest possible price in real-time.

Please contact us at SMT Sales Group to explore the many ways in which we can assist you with your Surface Mount Technology equipment needs. As a highly successful and reputable firm, we are well known in the industry and look forward to working closely with you.